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Road trip: Sequoia Brewing Company in Fresno

A couple of weekends ago, we headed over to the other side of the Grapevine for a family visit in the Yosemite area. With beer on our mind and a bit of camera equipment to take some photos, our first stop after a long drive took us to Sequoia Brewing Company in the Tower District […]

Beer & Vinyl: Radiant Ale meets Magnolia Electric Co.

Despite the title of our website, Girls Who Like Beer isn’t just about the female beer drinker. It’s also about boys who like girls who like beer. One such boy gave us permission to share some beer-related musings pairing Beer with Vinyl from his Angry Luddite website. Thus our first post from The Forgetful Brain, […]

Happy Hops Day: 5 IPAs to try for IPA Day 2012

There are many reasons to love IPAs, and this is the perfect time of year to pop open a nice dry, light in color, and hoppy brew on the porch. And since today is IPA Day, we’re celebrating with our top five IPAs to look out for as you celebrate. Don’t know much about IPAs […]

Perfect for summer: Great Divide’s “Hades”

Nothing beats taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life like drinking a beer on your porch while watching the neighborhood go by. One of my go-to summer beers of late: Hades – a Belgian Style Ale by Great Divide Brewing Company of Denver, Colorado, a brewery that never disappoints. Hades is […]

Celebrate National Tequila Day with a margarita

Now this is a holiday we can enjoy! If only it came with a day off so we can nurse our hangovers the next day. But with a good tequila label, you’ll be much better off! We’ve shared a few of our favorite margarita recipes with you already, here’s a recap to help you celebrate […]

DIY beer cap projects

When it comes to my favorite DIY projects, it’s always about turning recycled pieces and products into cool conversation pieces. We’ve been collected wine corks for some time now for various projects, and just recently started adding bottle caps to our junk drawer with the plan to do something fun and different with them. I […]

Save the date for Bloomfest this weekend

Mark your calendars – the 5th annual Bloomfest LA takes place on Saturday, July 21 from 2:00 – 10:00 pm in the Downtown LA arts district. A family-friendly event (you can even bring your pooch) with music, art exhibits, kid’s activities, food, drink, and more – there’s a lot to cover on just one day. […]

Honey, bring home a bucket o’ chicken?

Today is National Fried Chicken Day! And even though about a quarter of Americans eat this kind of stuff every day, fried chicken is a luxury in our household – a special occasion to indulge one night just every once in a while. And forget KFC – our favorite local establishment for our fried chicken […]

Sum sum summertime: Raspberry-Lime Smoothie recipe

Since we have to suffer through the Los Angeles summer heat without air conditioning in the majority of our not-so-energy-efficient house, we have to get a little creative with cooling down. Having worked at a smoothie shop during some of my college years, I’ve experimented quite a bit with smoothies – and what better way […]

Beer Buzz Friday: Stone Brewing coming to Pasadena

Thank god. Stone Brewing Co. is heading to our neck of the woods, or nearby rather. The LA Times reports that the nationally recognized Southern California brewery is opening up a “sample” slash tasting room on South Raymond Avenue in South Pasadena. According to the article, it will be a store where you can grab […]

New traditions: Sundays at Golden Road Brewing

Oh dear, we had a little blog lapse! But it’s back to business as usual! We were recently invited to join in on a little Sunday tradition with some Atwater Village friends at the pub at Golden Road Brewing. And boy am I hooked – perfect LA weather, good company, and nonstop pitchers of beer. […]

Beer buzz Friday: Belgian Beer of the Month club

It’s a beautiful thing when the Belgian beer-of-the-month package comes just as you’re broke, and you’ve still got a few days until the paycheck comes in. And what a treat it is – thanks to my lovely sister-in-law! Since around Christmas we’ve received a box packed with 12 bottles of Belgian delights ever couple of […]

Recipe: Blood orange + Pear puree Margaritas

This is definitely my favorite margarita recipe ever! An experiment from my old bartending days, this was on our menu for a long time and sold quite a bit. There’s something about how the pear puree cuts right through the acidity of all the citrus, and adds a nice body to it (but it doesn’t […]

Beer Buzz Friday: Prickly Pear Coronitas

There’s a trend on the internet recipes as of late having to do with mixing beer with our precious tequila. Beer margaritas, beer lemonade, Coronitas – these recipes are popping up and even showing up on bar menus. So of course – we had to try it. But in true Girls Who Like Beer fashion, […]