Beer buzz Friday: Belgian Beer of the Month club

It’s a beautiful thing when the Belgian beer-of-the-month package comes just as you’re broke, and you’ve still got a few days until the paycheck comes in. And what a treat it is – thanks to my lovely sister-in-law! Since around Christmas we’ve received a box packed with 12 bottles of Belgian delights ever couple of months. This is our last one, so we’ll be savoring it for a while.

First up, Augustijn Grand Cru poured in our Lucky Baldwins 2011 Belgian Beer Festival tulip glass (the hubby was using our St. Bernardus oversized wine glass, which is preferred for this type of Belgian). Don’t ask me to pronounce it correctly, but I do know it’s going to be a tough one to beat.

Augustijn Grand Cru

It’s a very dry beer, which is perfect for hot days, but at 9% ABV still packs a punch for those of us with a tolerance. The last grand cru I had as a “belgian-style” version called Celis Grand Cru, and it was heavy on the orange peel I was having Blue Moon flashbacks. Of course this one is far superior – a little spicy and a little bitter, along with deliciously fine bubbles, the Augustijn Grand Cru is a gem!

Next, I think we’ll try making a beer float with some homemade vanilla ice cream and the Timmermans Framboise Lambic.

I’m actually not sure where she ordered our subscription from as the packaging contains zero details. But it pretty much rules!

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