Beer Buzz Friday: Stone Brewing coming to Pasadena

Thank god. Stone Brewing Co. is heading to our neck of the woods, or nearby rather.

The LA Times reports that the nationally recognized Southern California brewery is opening up a “sample” slash tasting room on South Raymond Avenue in South Pasadena. According to the article, it will be a store where you can grab a pint of Stone Brewing’s finest on tap. We think it’ll be like Echo Park’s Sunset Beer Company, where your can buy cold bottles of beer, but also enjoy a few beers on tap on location. Except it’ll all be Stone.

One of our favorite spots in Pasadena is, of course, Lucky Baldwins, where we can hop on a metro train to Raymond Street and drink until just before midnight when we have to catch the train back. No driving needed (especially when high alcohol Belgian beers are involved).

Chief executive and co-founder Greg Koch told the LA Times about their awareness of the local breweries, saying, “Eagle Rock is larger than we were at year two.. It’s a very different time. Today a small brewery opens with nothing more than a Facebook page and they will have a line of people out the door on opening day. I couldn’t have dreamed of such an occurrence.”

Although Eagle Rock Brewery is much more than a Facebook page (they do have a kickass website documenting all their events), we don’t think Stone will have a problem filling up their seats.

The new spot will be located at 220 S. Raymond in Pasadena, right at the train station (so us LA folks can ride and dine!).

h/t René Bennett of Strategic Global Advocacy

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