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How to juice a prickly pear

Prickly pears actually grow pretty abundantly around Southern California. But since we don’t exactly want to get caught picking some stranger’s prickly pears behind their gate, we get ours for super cheap at the local Asian market – A Grocery Warehouse in Echo Park. If you’re brave enough to pick your own, make sure to […]

From the archives: Red Lion beer garden

Whenever we’re uploading photos of big frosty glasses of beer, it just makes us want to say a prayer of thanks to the beer gods. And we are happy, happy campers sipping those frosty glasses of beer in the beer garden at Red Lion, located in Silver Lake just north of Echo Park. This place […]

Recipe: Summery green juice that even he’ll like

In preparation for our inevitable hangover tomorrow, we’re drinking lots of water, and even broke out the juicer for our favorite summer green juice. Although there are a plenty of debates over cures for a hangover, we’re hoping all the vitamins in the kale will make tomorrow less painful. It’s so light and refreshing that, […]

Beer Buzz Friday: Mix-and-Match six packs in Atwater Village

It looks like any other liquor store from the outside – large posters advertising the lottery, 18-pack Budweiser, and cigarette specials plastering the windows along the sidewalk. But head to the far wall inside Bill’s Liquor in Atwater Village and we’ve got ourselves a little mini beer heaven. And we’re always on the lookout for […]

Recipe: The perfect cheater margarita

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, our first official holiday celebrated here on Girls Who Like Beer. And what better way to celebrate any holiday than with a perfect “cheater” margarita? The keyword is, of course, “cheater.” A perfect, perfect margarita would involve toiling away juicing lime after lime, a harmony of mixing the perfect amount […]

Faux Pas Bistro opens tonight in West Hollywood

Tonight is the grand opening of Faux Pas Bistro – a newly renovated California-French inspired restaurant on Fairfax and Third in West Hollywood. We happily attended the media cocktail party on Monday night for a sneak peak of the restaurant’s new look and new menu. Designed by Kris Keith of Spacecraft (the same guy who […]

From the Archives: Barbarella on tap

Even though Girls Who Like Beer is in its infant stages, we’ve been drinking lots of (and collecting photos of) beer for some time now. Here’s one from the archives: Barbarella Bar in Silver Lake. Barbarella has had kind of a tough time since it opened a couple of years ago – it’s gone through […]

Beer Buzz Friday: Anchor Porter

Anchor Porter is a dark beer – like a really dark beer. The Anchor Steam (San Francisco) brew pours a deep almost pure black color with a thick brown foam. Compared to some of the more bitter porters in the micro-brew industry, it’s extremely smooth and velvety going down. But it’s also got the chocolate […]

Holy Bloody Mary

A couple of weekends ago, we left the comforts of Los Angeles county for a little excursion to the beaches of the OC. Of the four bars we visited that day (yep, four) the first was to meet up with our good friend Tanya at the new Rock’n Fish in Laguna Beach – not our […]

Telegraph Stock Porter: For the colder, gloomy days

Porter is like the hot chocolate of beers – a necessary accomplice to gloomy, rainy weather and a warm bar stool. Since the evenings have remained cool in Los Angeles, so does our hankering for dark beer. It used to be that Guinness was the average dark beer you could get on tap, but Telegraph […]