Beer Buzz Friday: Anchor Porter

Anchor Porter

Anchor Porter is a dark beer – like a really dark beer. The Anchor Steam (San Francisco) brew pours a deep almost pure black color with a thick brown foam. Compared to some of the more bitter porters in the micro-brew industry, it’s extremely smooth and velvety going down. But it’s also got the chocolate and coffee flavor followed by a creamy caramel finish. Strange enough, no tulip glass required – drank it straight from the bottle without feeling any beer snob angst. It would be welcome company to a foggy, Bay Area night and some Barry White.

Picked this six pack up for about $12 at The House of Spirits in Echo Park – a little pricey for me but we enjoyed every bit!

It’s also important to note that while taking photos of beer, one must also drink the beer (hence the partially consumed bottle in the photo).

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