Beer of the Week: Mikkeller’s Sort Gul (Black IPA)


Mikkeller Sort Gul

Recently we picked up one of those beers that is so delicious it makes you regret not buying a dozen more.

Sort Gul is a 2013 Black IPA by Mikkeller – roughly translated as “Black Yellow.” It’s 7.3%, has a nice tan head, and pours dark with visible but little chunks of yeast. Smells just like a Belgian beer would – sweet and malty. This is a nice take on an American Black IPA, although the bitterness of a typical IPA is extremely mellow and it ends up being as easy as drinking a cola.

Compared to other Black IPAs I’ve been consuming lately (it’s become one of my favorite styles), this has a full body, more malty characteristics, and finishes creamy.

We picked this up at Provisions (formerly owned by The Bruery, now owned by Haven) in Orange for betwee. $5-6.00. Totally budget friendly and delightful!


Mikkeller Sort Gul

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