Holy Bloody Mary

A couple of weekends ago, we left the comforts of Los Angeles county for a little excursion to the beaches of the OC. Of the four bars we visited that day (yep, four) the first was to meet up with our good friend Tanya at the new Rock’n Fish in Laguna Beach – not our normal spot, but we were promised ocean views and couldn’t resist.

Being just about 2:00 in the afternoon, why not start with a Bloody Mary? At $9, it’s a little more than I’d usually spend on some tomato juice and vodka, but this is no ordinary cocktail – the Fireworks Bloody Mary at Rock’n Fish not only has house-made mix and Ketel One Vodka, it’s garnished with a jumbo shrimp. No fireworks, but it was one of the best I’ve had – and if you also like to eat your Bloody Mary, this is the way to go.

My beer connoisseur hubby had a mocha porter, but with this exciting cocktail in front of me I wasn’t really paying much attention.

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