Telegraph Stock Porter: For the colder, gloomy days

Porter is like the hot chocolate of beers – a necessary accomplice to gloomy, rainy weather and a warm bar stool. Since the evenings have remained cool in Los Angeles, so does our hankering for dark beer.

It used to be that Guinness was the average dark beer you could get on tap, but Telegraph Stock Porter has been trending in the smaller restaurants and bars we frequent (the ones with just a few draught beers available). Lately we’ve have it at local Echo Park hot spots like Allston Yacht Club (pictured), Red Hill, and Sunset Beer Company.

It’s an inexpensive and easy choice for the dark side of beers that’s not too… experimental. Which could explain its popularity on so many beer menus around here. The pours come out with a dense head, which can be easily thwarted with a spoon or a moment of rest. It’s got a nice complex aroma of coffee and chocolate, but goes down with just a bit of caramel, brown sugary sweetness (but not too sweet). Some say it’s too tart/malty for their liking, but it actually adds a nice oat-ness. And at 5.7%, you won’t leave wasted.

We prefer Telegraph Stock Porter on tap, and haven’t paid more than $6 for a pint. But you can get away with a 750 ml. bottle if you’re on the go – look for it at Sunset Beer Company in Echo Park, 55 Degree Wine or Bill’s Liquor in Atwater Village, or Cap n’ Cork in Silver Lake.

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