Recipe: The perfect cheater margarita

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, our first official holiday celebrated here on Girls Who Like Beer. And what better way to celebrate any holiday than with a perfect “cheater” margarita?

The keyword is, of course, “cheater.” A perfect, perfect margarita would involve toiling away juicing lime after lime, a harmony of mixing the perfect amount of sweet and tart and citrus, taste-testing and re-testing. And while we love being in the kitchen, there are just times where you don’t have enough … time!

Before we reveal the recipe for your perfect “cheater” margarita, do not – I repeat, do NOT – use margarita mix. I’m talkin’ the plastic bottle with a poorly drawn sombrero. I don’t care if you bought it at Trader Joe’s, just don’t do it. And please, don’t blend. There’s an important ice-to-lime ratio we must maintain.

And now your recipe. This is per margarita – if you want to make a pitcher, just multiply all the citrus and mixers, and add the tequila when you pour each glass.

2-3 oz. Tequila

Recommended brands/types (in order of importance): Cazadores Reposado, Sauza Añejo Conmemorativo, Herradura Reposado, or El Jimador Reposado

4 oz. Pre-made Limeade

Recommended brands/types (in order of importance): Simply Limeade, or Santa Cruz Organic Limeade. Frozen limeade is also acceptable, just mix just a little bit less water than recommended.

1 Juiced Lime

A squeeze of fresh lemon, orange, or grapefruit (this helps add a little body)

Shake with lots of ice and pour in a salt-rimmed tumbler glass, preferably not one shaped like a sombrero.

Since the limeade has sugar already added, you don’t need any agave or simple syrup. Thus making the perfect, easy, cheater margaritas.

Coming up: The best girlie margarita, we’ll show you how to make a Pink Prickly Pear Margarita!

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