Mountain living with Dale’s Pale Ale

Dale's Pale Ale

Aluminum cans have their purposes, and are making a resurgence in the craft beer world. Apart from being a little more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to produce, they don’t shatter while you’re BBQing by the pool, and are light-weight and compact enough for hiking into the mountains.

For our hiking trip into the mountains, cans were the favorable choice – and thanks to Oskar Blues Brewing, we didn’t have to settle for something non-craft brew.  Dale’s Pale Ale is a great canned beer. It has a grassy/cedar aroma, aggressive hops, and little bit of a dry lemon in the finish.

Now we have to admit, the farthest we made it outside was the back yard of the parent’s house. It might actually be a little too hoppy for a really hot day outside, but I can see it being a part of the grocery list in the Spring or Fall when the temperatures are cooler. This will definitely be in the cooler for our next trip into Yosemite next Spring.

And lastly – how cool does that back yard look?

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