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My Sour Valentine

The best Valentine’s Day plans always seem to arise from you and the one you love, doing something you both love, not what others tell you you should be doing to commemorate the day. Why shell out for roses if the only time your lady likes them is when they’re floating in a Randall? Then […]

Field trip: El Segundo Brewing Co.

El Segundo Brewing Company’s tasting room is nestled just off the street in a small basement room that might be your dad’s dream of converting the garage into a bar come to life. Sacks naming different hops hung on the walls and the pretzels on the sparkly green tables give the subterranean nook a little […]

Chasing the Unicorn: Westvleteren XII

In endeavoring to review the Westvleteren XII, I can’t help but be reminded of the challenge faced by Chuck Klosterman in his review of Guns N Roses’ Chinese Democracy (to date, my all-time favorite review of anything). Finally experiencing a new record from his favorite band that was 15 years and more than $13 million […]