Has Anyone Sold Stuff On Bonanza? Is It Worth Investing The Time?

Will is having second thoughts about staying on at the Ponderosa, and outlaws hit the ranch and take him with them. In this comic episode involving a precious emerald and the sweet widow, Clemantine Hawkins who is attracted to Ben, turns the tables on a pair of land swindlers. Ben regrets that he helped Tom Slayden start a freight hauling business when Slayden sets out to ruin all the competition, and Joe is shot in the process. When freight company detective Jed Trask is fired after a decade of service, he joins the thieves preventing supplies from reaching Virginia City. Hoss is seriously injured internally and Ben seeks help from the only doctor within 50 miles, who happens to be in prison for murder.

  • I didn’t believe I was buying something from a 3rd party website that has no affiliation with the seller beside a platform to distribute items.
  • Tried again but it s still open.My 2nd purchase was mailed to an address 15 yrs old after I removed the address from my 1st purchase.
  • Imo this should be enabled on the invoice notwithstanding the monthly fee.
  • Someone had reported hearing Danny singing outside her place at the time of the murder.
  • The two drifters grab Ramon and force him to tell them where he found the gold.

Had a very terrible dealing with this company. Bought a blush no deposit bonus lucha maniacs which didn’t match the colour I was after. After being told I could return it, I returned and the seller is refusing to refund me claiming the product is damaged even though I insured it. Seller making no effort whatsoever to try and support, and is blaming me for buying the wrong colour even though at the very beginning clearly said were able to do a refund.

Bonanza Cons | no deposit bonus lucha maniacs

Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. You alwats have protection threw paypal so you will get your money back if you file a claim if you don’t get yoyr item. There is no communication to help buyers with seller committing fraud.


I wonder why the so-called come-back coupons aren’t available to all the sellers. I planned on contacting some of my ebay buyers and issue them a discount, but alas, can’t do this unless i pay a monthly fee. Imo this should be enabled on the invoice notwithstanding the monthly fee. Bonanza used to be a great place for sellers as well as buyers.

Overall I Like Selling On Bonanza

no deposit bonus lucha maniacs

PayPal is just expensive and overall boring with 0 customer service. Overall everything is great here and quickly becoming even better!! Customer service is quick to respond to me by email if the matter is urgent, although I rarely require since everything goes smoothly. Fees are reasonable and you don’t pay until you sell. Really nice pool of buyers here, I’ve only had one problem in 8 years. I’m advertised on google shopping which is bringing in heavy traffic to my booth.

Talked To A Great Customer Service Rep

In addition, there’s an extensive knowledge base full of helpful articles and video tutorials. Plus, there’s the official Facebook page with answers daily by their team, and a thriving community of users who can offer advice. To decide if Bonanza is right for you, compare their prices against their competitors.

Feet Of Clay

The wife of Virginia City’s new doctor leaves him, after their son dies in childbirth. The doctor snaps and abducts another woman’s baby. Bradley Meredith, a Ben Cartwright look-a-like, causes trouble when he sells land to the railroad. Ben has already turned down the deal, but Meredith, acting as Ben, accepts the deal, which stirs up all kinds of trouble. Will Griner is acquitted of murder which upsets the folks of Virginia City. They feel Griner silenced witnesses and are ready to lynch him.

When you call ebay, you speak to a live person who works to solve your concerns… And you would think that BONANZA would not want RIDICULOUSLY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS… I moved all my ebay items to Bonanza to see if it was a better experience than ebay… And they have a much larger shopping audience…

no deposit bonus lucha maniacs

In the vast amount of daily transactions, no anomalies are found and the reviews clearly speak of a safe commercial space. But now let’s break down all the details to find out if Bonanza really fits you. We want to help with a side-by-side comparison that will help you solve the Bonanza vs eBay debate. Let’s analyze these two platforms that have different functionalities, but similar potential. From 16,000 online stores and TOP industry experts.